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Pharma Consult Us

Stephanie A. Wilkins, PE, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt 

Stephanie has over 25 years of professional experience in project management, engineering, and validation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. She has managed, designed and validated facilities and systems for research, development, pilot plants and manufacturing facilities for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Currently she is working with many global companies to implement Risk-MaPP principles with respect to managing the risk of cross contamination.

Julian J. Wilkins
Vice President, Senior Consultant
Adjunct Professor Steven’s Institute
of Technology

Julian has over 30 years of professional experience in facility design and containment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Qualifying as an Architect in 1972 by 1980 he was exclusively involved in pharmaceutical facility designs in Europe.

Risk assessment, management and controls for product and occupational exposure from concept, through facilitation to execution management…We sweat the details to make it work.
Areas of Expertise
Drug delivery systems
We have worked with most drug delivery systems particularly where
the Active poses a risk occupationally and to other products
• Nano Colloidal and Liposomal
• Inhaled
• Coated bead
• Enrobing
• Buccal
• Transdermal
We have multiple clients world-wide who have regulatory and cost-of-business issues, we specialize in finding the most effective means for the least cost.
Multiproduct facilities
Particularly concentrating on international regulatory aspects
We design and manage exposure controls for people and product.
We have excellent understanding of the pharmaceutical processes Oral, Topical, Transdermal, Inhaled and Parenteral.
If any of this is of interest please call, so that we can arrange a presentation to fit your specific needs.
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