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If you manufacture medicines in multi-product facilities, how are you managing the risk of cross contamination? In today’s environment, more and more shared use of manufacturing facilities significantly increases the risk of cross contamination. Fortunately, QRConsult US simplifies risk management providing you with the relative risk at any given moment within your organization.


QRConsult US is a cloud-based risk management system that lets you easily evaluate all sites and facilities with a single application. You can now manage all your products, processes, and equipment in each manufacturing facility at once. QRConsult US is sure to quickly become an industry standard, because it comes from PharmaConsult US, a global leader in assisting pharmaceutical companies manage the risk of cross contamination. For 8 years, PharmaConsult US has guided clients through the process of managing the risk of cross contamination. Now, we can guide you through the risk management process, before regulatory action may be needed.


With QRConsult US, collecting data with our drop down lists speeds the process and gives you access to data for your facilities, equipment, products, and processes in one central place—thus simplifying the decision making process. But that is just the beginning of what QRConsult US can do for your risk management program.


QRConsult Us can quickly calculate and answer these questions for you:

  • What are my worst-case risk products/APIs?

  • Which products are most vulnerable?

  • Which products/APIs have been processed in a piece of equipment?

  • What equipment is shared across products with different APIs?

  • What is the health-based cleaning limit between different products?


As a cloud-based application, QR Consult US can be used by anyone in your organization with a web-enabled device and an internet connection. In addition, with its multilevel access control, only authorized employees can get to your information.


QR Consult US:

  • Creates an audit trail automatically

  • Exports data to various file formats

  • Imports data from existing data files or software

  • Provides 24/7 expert support, back up and data protection


Feel confident with QR Consult US to help manage the risk of cross contamination at your facility. Want to try it out?  Contact us for access to our free demo site.

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